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Camilla Care

Max Verstappen wins first Grand Prix in Shanghai

Vaseline 1 month ago

Max Verstappen won the Chinese Grand Prix as Formula 1 returned to the Shanghai International Circuit for the first time since 2019. Next to the Red Bull driver on the podium were Lando Norris and Sergio Perez, who crossed the line in second and third respectively.

What happened at the Chinese Grand Prix?

Round 1: Max Verstappen manages to maintain his lead at the start of the race, but his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez loses second place to Fernando Alonso after the Spanish driver went around the outside in Turn 1. A bad start from the two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz as they battled each other and eventually lost by falling behind George Russell.

Round 2: Lewis Hamilton explains to his Mercedes team that he is “not gaining ground on this tyre” as he was in 19th place on the soft tyre.

Round 3: Alex Albon reports that Esteban Ocon is braking in front of him. He commented, “This guy is moving like a **** all over the place on the brakes!”

Round 4: Sergio Perez returns to fight for his place back from Fernando Alonso. The Mexican is already a lot closer, but cannot yet take the step.

Round 5: Perez regains second place as he overtakes Alonso at Turn 6.

Round 7: Verstappen has now built up a six-second lead over his teammate Perez. Alonso is 2.5 seconds behind the Mexican driver with Lando Norris close behind him.

Norris seizes his opportunity at the Turn 6 hairpin and moves up to third place.

Round 9: Leclerc makes a fantastic move on George Russell in Turn 1 and takes sixth position.

Round 12: Leclerc makes another move to take fifth position from Oscar Piastri at Turn 14.

Pierre Gasly suffers a terrible pit stop as the Alpine driver pulls away with the right rear tire out of position. The tire flew off and hit one of the Alpine mechanics. Luckily he’s okay.

Round 20: After the first pit stops, Verstappen is still in the lead with Norris and Leclerc behind him in second and third place. However, the McLaren and Ferrari drivers still have to go to the pit lane. Perez is h behind them in fourth place, but he has made a pit stop.

Round 21: Valtteri Bottas stops at Turn 11 as he reports his engine failing, putting a partial yellow flag on the session. Shortly afterwards, a Virtual Safety Car is activated.

Round 23: The Marshals have difficulty moving Bottas’ car, it may be stuck in gear. A full Safety Car is deployed.

Round 26: The Safety Car comes in. A group of cars at the back of the grid leads to a collision between Lance Stroll and Daniel Ricciardo, causing damage to the former’s front wing. Another collision occurs between Kevin Magnussen and Yuki Tsunoda, with the Haas driver pushing Tsunoda, causing him to spin. The Japanese driver gets a flat tire and stops at the side of the track, he is out of the race.

Stroll returns to the pits for a new front wing.

Round 27: Another Safety Car is deployed as the Marshals attempt to remove the RB. More bad news for the RB team, as Ricciardo reports floor damage, but he seems to be able to continue for the time being.

Round 31: Safety Car ends.

Punishment: Logan Sargeant receives a ten-second time penalty for a Safety Car violation. The American driver was behind Nico Hulkenberg as he crossed the Safety Car line, but did not let the Haas driver through, allowing him to overtake under Safety Car conditions.

Round 34: Ricciardo has to withdraw from the race due to the damage he sustained at the end of the first safety car.

Punishment: A further two 10-second penalties are handed out to Lance Stoll and Kevin Magnussen for the collisions at the end of the first Safety Car.

Round 36: Stroll enters the pits and serves his 10 second penalty.

Round 53: Pierre Gasly is not happy with Logan Sargeant, as he accuses the Williams driver of driving him off the track in Turn 6.

Results of the Chinese Grand Prix

1. Max Verstappen
2. Country Norris
3. Sergio Perez
4. Charles Leclerc
5. Carlos Sainz
6. George Russell
7. Fernando Alonso – Fastest lap
8. Oscar Piastri
9.Lewis Hamilton
10. Nico Hulkenberg
11. Esteban Ocon
12. Alex Albon
13. Pierre Gasly
14.Zhou Guanyu
15. Kevin Magnussen
16. Lance walk
17. Logan Sargeant
18. Daniel Ricciardo – DNF
19. Yuki Tsunoda – DNF
20. Valtteri Bottas-DNF