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Emmerdale finally confirms who was driving when Heath Hope died

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has finally solved the mystery of who was driving when Heath Hope was murdered.

New spoilers released by the ITV soap have confirmed a twist in the ongoing dispute between Cathy Hope and Angelica King.

Last week, Cathy drove out of town with Heath and Angelica in the passenger seats as the teens all traveled together to a New Year’s Eve party.

Heath died in a tragic accident during the trip, but Cathy has insisted that Angelica had taken the wheel at that point.

Heath Hope, Cathy Hope, emmerdaleHeath Hope, Cathy Hope, emmerdale


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Angelica has protested that Cathy is lying – and Cathy’s story is even questioned by her father Bob.

Emmerdale has now confirmed that Angelica is the one who has been deceiving everyone in recent days.

Spoiler photos show Angelica struggling on the day of Heath’s funeral as she continues to hide her guilt.

An official synopsis released by Emmerdale reads: “At the graveyard, Angel is overwhelmed with guilt. Will she finally confess to driving the car the day Heath died?”

angel king, emmerdaleangel king, emmerdale


Heath's funeral, EmmerdaleHeath's funeral, Emmerdale


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The revelation proves that Cathy has told the truth and is genuinely devastated that Bob continues to doubt her.

It will certainly also affect Nicola and Jimmy King, who currently believe in Angelica’s innocence. Will Angelica confess to her parents?

Emmerdale’s producer Laura Shaw previously confirmed that the Heath story would have a major impact on the friendship between the Hope and King families.

Last month, Shaw said: ‘In January there will be a tragedy in the village that will affect two of our most loved families.

β€œIt will ultimately tear friendships apart and change the dynamics of one of those families forever.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1 and streaming on ITVX.

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