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Camilla Care

Byrne’s consolidated government operation is moving forward

Vaseline 1 month ago

CARMEL — Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne’s plan to create a new department in the county that will eliminate the need for three separate existing departments has passed the legislative committee. The commission’s approval to create a Department of General Services (DGS) brings Byrne’s plan for consolidated provincial operations one step closer to reality.

“The creation of the Department of General Services is consistent with our commitment to fiscal responsibility and efficient governance,” Byrne said. “By consolidating these departments, we can streamline processes, improve coordination and improve service to the residents of Putnam County.”

Following moves to consolidate budget lines during last year’s budget negotiations, Byrne announced plans to merge the province’s purchasing, central services and IT departments into one department.

“We have already saved more than $126,000 since we consolidated budget lines for fuel, utilities, printers and vehicles, to name a few,” Byrne said earlier this year at his 2024 State of the County address. In order to realize the influence that Purchasing, Central Services and IT have on provincial activities as effectively as possible, I believe that we should unite these departments in one General Services Department.”

Byrne said he planned to appoint John Tully, the current director of purchasing, as commissioner of DGS.

Several surrounding counties have similar models. The full legislature is expected to have a chance to review and vote on the measure in the coming weeks.