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Barcelona captain no longer untouchable, club confident he can earn more than €100m from sale

Vaseline 1 month ago

In recent years, Ronald Araujo has cemented his status as the mainstay and defensive leader of this FC Barcelona team.

The Uruguayan international has come on in leaps and bounds and has established himself as one of the most reliable defenders in Europe.

However, a mistake against PSG, which ultimately played a major role in Barcelona’s elimination from the UEFA Champions League, could well lead to his departure from the club.

Araujo is no longer untouchable

According to SPORT, Barcelona no longer views Ronald Araujo as an ‘untouchable’ going into the summer transfer window and is not averse to the idea of ​​his departure.

It is now common knowledge that Barça will have to make at least one major sale in the summer to obtain a stable financial base that will allow them to make their moves on the market.

A number of names have been considered as possible departures, but Araujo is now seen as the strongest candidate to leave in the summer.

On your way out? (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

The Uruguayan international is attracting a lot of interest, with Bayern Munich among his admirers, and is set to fetch a hefty sum from his departure.

In fact, according to the report, Barcelona are confident they can secure a transfer fee of more than €100 million for their third captain this summer.

Trust in Pau Cubarsi

The report states that Barcelona have huge faith in game-changing wonderkid Pau Cubarsi to take over the mantle of defense for the future.

As such, the Blaugrana I believe that signing an experienced defender for free or low cost to add to the current roster could make up for the sale of Araujo, which would earn them a high fee.

Moreover, his serious mistake in the match against PSG is also held against the South American defender.

SPORT’s report adds that Araujo may also not be averse to the possibility of a move to a new club where he could get a lucrative contract.

Only time will tell how the situation will develop in the coming weeks.