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Camilla Care

M’sians give food recommendations to CIA after posting about our Nasi Lemak

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

Malaysians are very passionate about our local food, so there were often people arguing about food-related issues.

We also really enjoy it when people from the country mention our delicacies.

This is recently illustrated in a message from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America.

Their Facebook post detailing the origin of nasi lemak and a description of it was flooded with comments from Malaysians.

Cia Nasi Lemak Post

Some of them have criticized our neighbors, who like to claim our delicacies as their own others provided food recommendations. Some also warned them about the way deadly the sambal can be spicy.

“Some of our neighbors are watching this message right now.”

Nasi Lemak Cia

Nasi Lemak Cia 3

Nasi Lemak Cia 2

Nasi Lemak Cia4

However, some Malaysians are also very suspicious of the postal service.

“Why are they sharing something about our nasi lemak out of the blue?”

Nasi Lemak Cia 5

It appears that the CIA is promoting their fact book, which is: free public resource for those who would like a dose of general knowledge about the countries of the world.

What if you were to recommend a local dish to someone who has never been to Malaysia? Let us know in the comments.

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