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DK Aruna slams CM for ‘dirty politics’

Vaseline 1 month ago

Mahabubnagar: In a fiery response to Prime Minister Revanth Reddy’s recent political maneuvers in Palamuru, BJP candidate of the region, DK Aruna launched a scathing attack accusing Congress of fear-mongering and employing dirty tactics in the run-up to the elections.

Addressing a public meeting on Saturday, Aruna condemned Revanth Reddy’s repeated visits to Palamuru since the Election Act came into effect, terming them as desperate attempts to gain ground in the region.

Aruna slammed the CM for diverting attention from important issues such as Congress’s promises and instead choosing to engage in personal attacks. She questioned Revanth Reddy’s eligibility to seek votes on behalf of the Congress in parliamentary elections.

Aruna drew attention to Revanth’s previous involvement in the money-for-vote scandal, warning the public to be wary of his words and reminding them of his tainted reputation. She urged Revanth Reddy not to tarnish the dignity of the Chief Minister’s post.

In a direct challenge to the CM, Aruna questioned his integrity and challenged him to face issues like the contributions of DK Satya Reddy and Chittem Narsireddy. She condemned his disrespectful attitude towards female leaders and warned that such behavior would only turn off the public.

The BJP leader confronted Revanth Reddy on the issue of farm loan waiver, questioning whether he would resign from his post if the promises made in August were not fulfilled.

Aruna highlighted the plight of the people of Palamuru and warned against falling for empty promises and misleading tactics. She urged the women of Palamuru to remain vigilant against harassment and insults, stressing the need to hold accountable those who seek to undermine their rights and dignity.