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Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney Purse and Salary: How Much Did They Make for Their Boxing Fight? Find out

Vaseline 1 month ago

Ryan Garcia earned a historic victory against Devin Haney at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Garcia, an underdog in the bout, rocked Haney with his patented left hook on each of the knockdowns in their 12-round super lightweight fight.

According to Las Vegas bookmakers and several betting sites, Devin Haney was the favorite to win the fight against Garcia. But 25-year-old boxer Ryan Garcia stunned the world by knocking down Haney not once, but three times in the fight.

This was also Haney’s first defeat in boxing. “He caught me early, but I was sleeping on it. It surprised me,” said Haney, who suffered his first loss. It looked like Haney was in good control of the fight, but when Garcia went on the attack, he fired punches that left Haney ill-prepared.

Who earned what in the battle?

Despite Devin Haney’s undefeated record of 31 fights, with 15 knockouts, Ryan Garcia (24-1 with 20 knockouts) would deserve a bigger share of the fight due to his social media presence.

Although the boxers’ purses are typically kept private, Ryan Garcia’s promoter Oscar de la Hoya revealed that Garcia will make a significant amount of money, possibly around $30 million for this fight, which could double if he wins the fight against Haney.

According to Online Boxing Editor, Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia for TalkSport is a 55/45 split in favor of Garcia, Devin’s father/trainer Bill Haney has revealed.

He wrote on his Devin agreed to take the smaller split, despite being the WBC super lightweight world champion, to make the fight possible.

According to veteran boxer Dan Rafael, the new deal will see Garcia pay Haney $600,000 from his purse, plus 2 percent of his pay-per-view winnings, if the event reaches “a predetermined number of buys.”

What did Ryan Garcia say after the fight?

Garcia addressed the crowd after winning the fight, saying, “Come on guys, did you really think I was crazy?” Garcia bellowed during his post-fight interview in the ring. “You’ve gone crazy,” he told the cheering crowd.

Garcia’s win also comes weeks after his grotesque behavior when he claimed to have been summoned by demons. Garcia scored knockdowns in the seventh, 10th and 11th rounds with his left hook.

After the win, Garcia said, “I just knew I was in control after that.” He added, “It’s hard to recover from big shots. You know, maybe my fitness wasn’t at my best, but in the end I got the job done.”