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Alex, the Spaniard with pancreatitis in Thailand and his complicated repatriation: medicalized plane with soldiers and obstacles to obtaining medical documents

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

Shortly after landing, part of the Spanish military medical team deployed Bangkok He has moved to the hospital where the young Bask is being treated with one goal: “Search for medical information, which in this case was very complicated, so that any complications that our Álex may have during a flight that will take a very long time, about 15 hours, can be replaced or assumed,” he says. . Medical lieutenant colonel Pillar Salvador, responsible for the mission involving two health professionals.

Spanish soldiers are already preparing for repatriation in Bangkok hospital

Although Alex’s condition is extremely serious, this transfer has given hope to his family and friends. “The truth is that they are a little excited, but until they see him here, they still have that thing, after two failed attempts, and they will not give you any more problems and there is no question of a mistake,” says Basauri Jonathan, friend and makeshift spokesman for the family.

Álex has been in critical condition for two months due to acute pancreatitis

The 2,500 euros per day that Alex’s stay in the Thai hospital, which specializes in foreign clients, costs has caused a serious financial problem for his family, so The Biscay town of Basauri has mobilized. “There are many piggy banks in different shops and bars around here,” says Edu, owner of one of the bars that are part of this initiative. “It is already gaining momentum and that is good. People are very willing to help,” says the owner of this establishment, shaking one of the piggy banks.

Basauri has mobilized to help the family financially

“I’m adding a little piggy bank to contribute to the child, because I’ve known him all my life, I’ve worked with him and we’ll see if they bring him here and everything turns out well,” concludes a young man who works with Álex has worked on the exhibition stands. . While, At the Cruces Hospital in Barakaldo everything is ready to receive Álex. The Spanish army plane would land in Bilbao tomorrow around 9 p.m

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