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Bruno Guimaraes ‘plants’ Barça and the rest of the ‘big boys’ interested in him

Vaseline 1 month ago


FC Barcelona does not have that at all in the ‘career’ of Bruno Guimaraes this summer. Due to his very high release clause, the mediocentro Brazilian, one of the best defensive figures of the moment, has filtered his desire to stay at his club for a long timefurthermore due to the interest of several ‘big ones’ in ficharle this year, including Manchester City, Liverpool, United and Paris Saint-Germain.

In accordance with the information filtered by ‘The Telegraph’, the one from Rio de Janeiro feels very comfortable in Newcastle and has already bought a house there, which kept him at the club permanently for the long term. The mediocentro arrived at the club in 2022 and was extended in September for four seasons, until June 2028. From his arrival in the Premier League, he scored 14 great goals and 14 assists in 101 official matches with that of Eddie Howe.

The city will not fall into the arms of Bruno Guimaraes

Despite the Brazilian’s attitude and his very high clause, Manchester City still won’t reach the 26-year mark this summer. Pep Guardiola’s own elogió recently against Bruno, although he did so respectfully with the ‘urracas’. “Exceptional midfield player of containment; aggressive, with the balloon break, in the played to unemployed balloon is aggressive. Now Newcastle wants to grow and I’m pretty sure it’s part of its project for the coming years,” Santpedor’s explained.

For Newcastle, the price of Guimaraes’ departure is non-negotiable. The team that wants that will have to pay the corresponding 115 million euros to his clause, a mountain that is raised ‘sky blue’ even for the group’s finances. In principle, the city would try to negotiate fractional payments to avoid líos with the ‘Fair Play’ financing, an unfeasible option for some ‘urracas’ also involved in the investments made in recent years.