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Camilla Care

EFF warns South Africa’s middle class of anarchy, while the majority lives in poverty

Vaseline 1 month ago

JOHANNESBURG – The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have warned the country’s middle class that anarchy will ensue if conditions do not improve for the more than 37 million residents living in poverty.

On Saturday, the EFF organized a manifesto town hall meeting in Midrand.

EFF leader Julius Malema says the current trend of inequality in the country is unsustainable.

“Anarchy is the highest form of disorder and when that anarchy erupts in South Africa, anyone who owns BMWs, Mercedes or anything like that will not enter the township, because anyone who owns – which indicates you are part of the elite – who betrayed the revolution, you will be a target for attack.”


Recent World Bank data shows that South Africa has the highest income inequality in the world, with a Gini coefficient of around 0.67.

The Gini coefficient is a statistical measure of how income is distributed across a country’s population. A value between 0 and 1 is required.

A coefficient of 1 indicates perfect inequality – where one individual in a country would earn all the income in that country.

Conversely, a coefficient of 0 is an indicator of perfect equality