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Sand Creek baseball is off to a strong start to the 2024 season

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

SAND CREEK — A preseason trip to Myrtle Beach got Sand Creek off to a great start to the baseball season.

The spring trip – which head coach Wayne Perry tries to do at least every other year – was the catalyst for the Aggies winning the first nine games of the 2024 season.

“I can start 9-0 at any time,” Perry said, “especially after winning 12 games last season.”

Since Perry took over the program, the trip to Myrtle Beach has been a regular part of the program. Not only does it help with team bonding, but it also allows the players to get some work done in better weather than Michigan has to offer in late March.

“Going to Myrtle Beach always helps,” Perry said. “That gives us a small lead. We took 19 children there for a week and received good work. It helps.”

Perry thought he had a field ready for three days of practice in Myrtle Beach, but when that fell through, he found another Michigan team nearby that the Aggies could team up with and get time on a field.

On the way back to Michigan, the team stopped in Portsmouth, Ohio, across the West Virginia-Ohio state line to play Portsmouth West in a doubleheader. The Aggies won 4-2 and 9-3. Parker Bowles and Ivan Wilkinson pitched the first game, while Jacob Schamberger and Andon Sutherland pitched the second game. Jordan Illenden and Carson Preston led the charge.

“It was 71 degrees in Portsmouth,” Perry said. “Weather-wise, it was the best day of our trip.”

After returning to Michigan, Sand Creek won the Union City Tournament, defeating Union City 11-7 and Constantine 12-5. Reid Hulett was the winner on the mound in the final.

It was nice to have so many pitchers this season.

“We don’t have a shutdown kid,” Perry said. “Lately we’ve been using Ivan as a closer. With a save he is 2-0. Shamberger is 2-0. We throw strikes. We feel comfortable with five or six people. We’ll see where we are when we get to the middle of the fixture.”

Offensively, the Aggies are already in midseason form.

Wilkinson is hitting above .600 and had a grand slam last weekend. Schamberger and Preston have also had hot bats.

“Offensively, we scored a lot of points,” Perry said. “We average twelve runs per game. We’ve had double digits in the last seven games. We put the ball in play and score points.”

Perry said it’s too early to tell how good the Aggies can be and knows they face a tough schedule, especially in May.

“We have the Adrian Tournament on May 18, we have Whiteford on May 22 and Blissfield on May 23,” he said. “It’s early. The beginning is nice. We’ll see how things are after Saturday.”