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Camilla Care

Inside an abandoned British mansion where the once stunningly luxurious home lies in ruins

Vaseline 1 month ago

A group of townspeople explored the mansion and reported enormous steps winding from the foyer to the first floor and huge columns supporting the roof above the entrance. Now it is in disrepair

Urban explorers explore London’s abandoned mansion

An urban explorer has given a glimpse into a stunningly luxurious British mansion that was left to rot on one of Britain’s most expensive streets.

The property, which has fallen into obscurity, was once a lavish, well-maintained home. But it has become a popular location for urban explorers eager to learn more about the haunted house. A video on TikTok shows a group of explorers walking through the deserted and abandoned mansion. It has enormous steps that curl from the foyer to the first floor and huge columns to support the roof that hangs over the entrance.

MyLondon reports that the inside of the house is decorated with graffiti on the walls and debris scattered everywhere. The lamps are missing and there are holes in the ceiling. It is not initially clear where the mansion is located, but one user has claimed that it could be on Bishop’s Avenue – a road in East Finchley known as one of the most affluent streets in the world and often ‘Billionaire’s’ Row’ is mentioned.

The inside of the house was decorated with graffiti on the walls and debris everywhere(@urbexldn/TikTok)
The road in East Finchley is known as one of the most affluent streets in the world, also known as ‘Billionaire’s Row’.(@urbexldn/TikTok)

According to Rightmove, homes in this area sold for an average price of £6,746,250 last year. MyLondon reported last year that one of the mansions belongs to a Saudi king. Many people in the comments want to see if they can get into the house, but others say it is now guarded by a lot of guards and dogs. It looks like teens who want to recreate their favorite scenes from “Skins” in the mansion will have to do so somewhere else.

The Mirror reported on another abandoned mansion in April last year, when an urban explorer rediscovered a creepy abandoned millionaire’s mansion that dates back to the 18th century and has a history of tragedies. The house was last occupied in the 1980s, but was later lost as it disappeared from people’s memories.

Now Ben, from Lost Adventures on YouTube, has rediscovered the abandoned mansion. The building’s sad history includes tragic murders and suicides of people who had previously lived on the estate. Ben said: “I risked my life going into the building to get some footage, but I think it was definitely worth it. In 1880, a woman’s body was found floating in the well, and five years later the stonemason shot himself with his shotgun and died.

“The manor was last occupied in the 1980s and has since become increasingly damaged by the weather over the years, as have many of the English heritage buildings which are not properly maintained. The history of the site dates all the way back to Tudor -times However, it is clear that it has been redeveloped and renovated over the years.”