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Camilla Care

Model almost died when a drunk driver broke almost every bone in his body

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

A woman said she “survived twice” after attempting suicide following a collision with a drunk driver that broke almost every major bone in her body. Rachel Downes, then 28, was driving to a photo shoot when she was hit head-on, leaving her in a coma for three weeks

When she asked the doctors which bones she had broken, he said: “It would be easier for me to tell you what is not broken” – and pointed to her shins and said: “Only these”. Unable to rationalize why she was involved in the accident, she attempted suicide.

Rachel, from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, said: “Thankfully – and I mean this with every fiber of my being – I never succeeded. But it’s extraordinary to think that I went from so close to losing my life in the car accident to and then trying to take it.

“In a way, I feel like I survived twice. I guess in practice this is the butterfly effect: one person’s decision to drink and drive has had all these unimaginable consequences.

“It has affected so many things in my future. I was told I probably wouldn’t be able to give birth naturally because of the damage to my body.”

On November 21, 2021 at 10am, Rachel, a part-time model, was on her way to a photo shoot. Rachel was driving along the A51 Rugeley Bypass when she was hit head-on by a drunk driver.

She was not expected to survive the crash. Rachel said: “It really feels like it was a dream. When I woke up from the coma, my body felt heavy and I couldn’t move much.

“It’s not something you can really imagine unless you’ve experienced it yourself. I immediately wanted to get back on my feet. I don’t think I even wondered why I was in the hospital to begin with.”