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Camilla Care

Red Fort road rage: Main suspect arrested after gun battle

Vaseline 1 month ago

New Delhi, April 21 (IANS): The main suspect involved in the robbery and murder of a 36-year-old taxi driver near the Red Fort in the national capital was arrested on Sunday after a shootout, police said.

The suspect was identified as Firoz, a resident of Loni.

A few days ago, Delhi Police arrested three suspects, Anita alias Ruksar (28), Sajid ((19), Salman (24), in connection with the incident. However, Firoz was on the run and changed his hideout to avoid arrest escape.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) MK Meena said information was received about Firoz’s whereabouts, which led to a meeting with the police team.

“When he was asked to surrender, he fired a shot at the police team, which was retaliated against. The suspect sustained injuries on his left leg. He was taken to Aruna Asif Ali Hospital for medical treatment,” the statement said. DCP.

Earlier, on April 15, information was received from LNJP Hospital at 1.50 am that Mohammad Shaqib, a resident of Zakir Nagar, had been admitted after sustaining gunshot wounds along with one Luv Khush (15), a resident of Palwal.

“During treatment, Shaqib, who had suffered a gunshot wound to his upper abdomen, had succumbed to his injuries,” the DCP said, adding that Khush is being treated at the hospital.

During the investigation, it was found that a car collided with an e-rickshaw at the red light of Chatta Rail around midnight.

“The e-rickshaw overturned, leading to an altercation between the auto driver and the rickshaw driver. Bystanders intervened, resulting in three men attacking the auto driver, stealing his mobile phone and pocketing money from the rickshaw driver,” the DCP said.

Amid the commotion, a scooty rider shot Shaqib, the taxi driver, and shot at the gathered crowd, injuring a bystander. The attackers fled, with two men and a woman on the scooty towards Old Delhi railway station, while the third person escaped in the crowd.

Through CCTV analysis, the number of the scooty used by the attacker was identified but upon verification, it was discovered that the attacker had equipped the scooty with a duplicate number,” the DCP said.

The suspects were observed taking an auto-rickshaw, prompting authorities to interrogate auto-rickshaw drivers for clues, leading to discreet information about their possible destination in the Shastri Nagar area.