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Camilla Care

Stop supporting your club as it has become ‘state owned’

Vaseline 1 month ago

I wonder how many football fans would actually turn their backs on the teams they support if their club became state-owned, with huge amounts of ‘oil money’?

I ask this after reading comments on a Sunderland forum after their team suffered another miserable home defeat to lowly Millwall in the Championship.

There is rebellion in the air on Wearside, fueled by jealousy since the takeover of Newcastle United.

The Saudi PIF finally took majority control of Newcastle United in October 2021, to the surprise of this country’s football establishment.

Although they have continually tried to hinder us since then, there is now an acceptance among the so-called elite that Newcastle United have arrived and are true rivals.

Now, after two and a half years, I also believe that the penny has finally dropped for the moral crusaders of Monkwearmouth.

There is no merit in their arguments against Newcastle United’s ownership. We are run by a consortium of Arabs and Jews and have a female figurehead and spokesperson.

I don’t have much empathy for the mini brigade of ‘NUFC fans against Sportswashing’ planning another demonstration at an upcoming home match.

Some of these people have previously proven that they do not want to answer the civil and direct questions asked of them, which in my view indicates that they have an agenda against NUFC.

Some mackems are now calling for a new owner to replace the Kid with the Billion Pound note (who will not be allowed to spend a cent of it).

Some wonder whether there might be a wealthy oil baron or sheikh willing to take the gamble of investing in tiny Sunderland (as if).

So maybe these sportswashing protesters would be better off if they went to the Stadium of Light to try to get their message across.

Any club in this country would have welcomed the Saudi PIF as their new owners, but because they chose Newcastle United in the cold, arid wasteland of the North East (Siberia in the eyes of the highly mortgaged southerners), it didn’t fit. entirely right.

They were aided and abetted by jealous clubs and media writers in the North West and when they realized their silly game of trying to keep up with Newcastle was over for good, the Mackems quickly followed suit.

They haven’t been able to let it go since then.

Well, it’s now 2024, guys and gals, and sports washing is no longer all the rage. So try to be nice to those moral crusaders outside Gallowgate who want to rename the streets outside our stadium.

Fortunately, with the recent multi-million pound cash injections, things are looking good at St James’ Park. Our owners don’t mess around like some do.

Why Newcastle United some may still say… but the answer to that is actually very simple… because we are worth it.