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Age limit removed in health insurance, now even people above 65 years can buy the policy – India TV Hindi

Vaseline 1 month ago

The healthcare system is becoming more inclusive. People over 65 can also buy a new policy
Photo: PIXABAY Health insurance

Now You can also easily get health insurance for your old parents. Insurance regulator IRDAI has lifted the age limit for purchasing health insurance. This has been done for health insurance policies from April 1, 2024. Previously, customers could only take out new health insurance up to the age of 65. Now anyone of any age can buy new health insurance. IRDAI said in a circular that insurance companies should ensure that they have insurance products for people of all age groups.

The healthcare system will become more inclusive

This move by IRDAI aims to create a more inclusive healthcare system in India. Insurance companies should also be encouraged to diversify their product range. The insurance regulator has also directed health insurers to tailor policies to people like seniors and set up special channels to handle their claims and complaints.

People over 65 can also buy a new policy

With this step by IRDA, people above the age of 65 can now also take out a new health insurance policy. Industry experts have welcomed the move. The circular also prohibits insurance companies from refusing to issue policies to patients with serious illnesses such as cancer, heart and AIDS diseases. According to the circular, IRDAI has also reduced the waiting period for health insurance. This has been reduced to 36 months instead of 48 months. IRDAI says that whether the policyholder has disclosed it at the time of taking the policy or not, all pre-existing conditions should be covered after 36 months.

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