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F1 Driver of the Day: What is it and how do you vote for the Chinese Grand Prix?

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

F1 Driver of the Day returns in 2024 to provide a subplot to the final stages of each race, while fans get the chance to vote on the award – and today it’s the Chinese Grand Prix.

Don’t miss your chance to play a part on race day TODAY (Sunday, April 21) at the Shanghai International Circuit!

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Launched in 2016, Driver of the Day is an official F1 award that is causing a lot of discussion.

Remember, this isn’t about who wins the race or who has the fastest car. It is the driver who performed the best given the challenges he faced on any given Sunday.

Who won F1 Driver of the Day last race?

The previous race in Suzuka had an intriguing top five, with Charles Leclerc taking 23.8% of the vote despite not finishing on the podium. His teammate was also highly sought after, receiving 14.6% of the votes, while hometown hero Yuki Tsunoda received 17.7% after his points were earned.

The top five was completed by Sergio Perez and Lando Norris, who each received about 8% of the votes.

It means Ferrari has claimed all four trophies so far, with Sainz winning in Bahrain and Australia, and Oliver Bearman triumphing in Saudi Arabia.

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Here is the complete 2024 honors list:

Race Driver of the day Final position To vote
GP of Bahrain Carlos Sainz 3 31.4%
Saudi Arabian GP Oliver Beerman 7 48.3%
Australian GP Carlos Sainz 1 38.4%
Japanese general practitioner Charles Leclerc 4 23.8%
Chinese general practitioner
GP of Miami
GP of Emilia Romagna
Monaco GP
Canadian general practitioner
Spanish general practitioner
GP of Austria
British GP
Hungarian general practitioner
Belgian GP
Dutch general practitioner
Italian GP
GP of Azerbaijan
Singapore GP
United States GP
Mexican GP
Brazilian GP
GP of Las Vegas
GP of Qatar
Abu Dhabi GP

How is F1 Driver of the Day chosen?

As we said, what matters is that F1 fans get the chance to decide on the prize at every race.

Voting begins during the final stages of each race and closes when the race ends.

This is how you vote for Driver of the Day

It’s incredibly easy to join. You just have to go to the voting page on the official F1 website and cast your vote as soon as the window opens.

Your next chance is today (Sunday April 21) during the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

What is the prize for Driver of the Day?

Drivers do not receive a trophy and there is no financial incentive. It is simply a recognition of a director’s performance by the viewing public.

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