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Camilla Care

Kayseri Free Zone is an investor favorite

Vaseline 1 month ago

Melikgazi Mayor Assoc recalls that they will continue to invest to make the Free Zone more attractive. Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu said: “As Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kayseri Free Zone, we are doing great work in the Kayseri Free Zone together with our Chairman of the Chamber of Industry, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and our Board of Directors. Infrastructure works and superstructures are of great importance to industrialists. Our Kayseri Free Zone will continue to grow with new investments, projects and the support of our industrialists. We have attached importance to the infrastructure in the Free Zone. We carried out works such as the expansion of natural gas, rainwater pipes, drinking water pipes, sewerage and wastewater treatment plants.

We have opened all the roads of the Zone, which is the greatest work done in the history of the Free Zone. By bringing more than 50,000 trucks with material, we have filled all 20-30 meter wide roads in the zoning plan in the Free Zone and all roads have been opened. We are currently constructing interlocking parquet roads over an area of ​​300,000 square meters. We are going to carry out new garden work. Our purification plant is ready, the transformers are ready. So we have completed the major works that needed to be done here. We have installed 8 megawatt solar power plants and now we are starting to generate revenue. We have built 45,000 square meters of rentable hangars. We have completely renovated the customs gateway and made it more qualified and functional, worthy of Kayseri. The Free Zone has become much more attractive due to the new work we have done. It also became a place where more qualified companies invested. There are about 40 companies that have finished or are about to start production. This is a great added value for Kayseri. It represents a huge investment in terms of both employment and investment. We are currently switching to green production. If we turn this into a green free zone, it will be in a much better position. I would like to thank our Kayseri Chamber of Commerce and Industry presidents, board members and industrialists for their contributions.” said.