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Know which cooler to buy this summer season: metal body or plastic construction. Know which air cooler you should buy this summer season

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

New Delhi. It is extremely hot in all states. People are worried about the heat wave. The Meteorological Service has said the heatwave may intensify in the coming days. The heat also makes the rooms warm and makes it difficult to live in them. In such a situation, a cool box proves to be very important to keep the room cool. Today we are going to tell you what kind of cooler box you should buy so that it can support you for a long time and also provide relief from the scorching heat.

When people go to the market to buy a cooler, they think: is it better to buy a cooler with a plastic case or a metal case? There is a lot of difference in the price of both the coolers and people want to buy such a cooler, which can quickly cool the room with less power consumption. So when you buy a cooler and you don’t want to worry about the electricity bill anymore, buy it branded, that is, made by the company. This also gives you an energy-saving star rating. The more stars, the lower the electricity bill. Now know whether you should buy a metal cooler or a cooler with a plastic housing. If your room is quite large and you want to cool it down quickly, then a cooler with a metal case is best. Due to its metal housing, the price may be high, but the fast-spinning fan and pump are very powerful. Metal cooler throws cold air faster. It is heavy so once repaired it may not be easy to move but it is considered best to get cool air in summer season. The problem, however, is that big companies don’t make metal body coolers. For this reason, only locally made is available.

Now let’s talk about plastic body coolers. These are lightweight. It has wheels on the bottom, making it easy to take anywhere. If the space is small, a plastic body cooler is the best option. Due to the plastic housing there is no risk of current leakage. They are also cheaper than metal coolers and come with an energy saving star rating. The larger models can be stored outside the room. At the same time, you can enjoy cool air this summer by placing small plastic coolers in the room. The grill in front of the fan is also good. In this way they also protect children from danger. Many plastic coolers also have room for storing ice. Keeping ice in this spot and running the cooler will give you cool air like AC. So don’t wait any longer. Head to the market and get relief from this scorching heat by taking your favorite cooler with you.