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Michael Douglas talks about the downsides of parenting in your 70s

Vaseline 1 month ago

Michael Douglas talks about the disadvantages of parenthood in the 1970s

Michael Douglas reflected on parenthood later in life after marrying his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2000.

The American film producer is thrilled to be the parent of two children later in life, but he also revealed that there is a downside to this.

“This is not grandfather’s day, this is parents’ day,” Douglas said The Telegraph about a mistake at children’s university: “I say ‘I am a parent!’. That was a tough one.”

Referring to his life with Zeta-Jones as a “good ride,” the 79-year-old producer also expressed his gratitude for his children, as he said, “I have to thank my kids, Dylan and Carys. They’re just extraordinary creatures… (We) had a beautiful, beautiful life together.”

“They brought an enormous amount of joy to both Catherine and me,” he added.

Nevertheless, the Oscar-winning actor also admitted that his eldest son Cameron, whom he shares with ex-wife Diandra Luker, suffered from Douglas’ work commitments during his childhood.

“Cameron suffered a lot during that time. . . I was just overwhelmed and overloaded with work.”

Explaining why becoming an older parent has helped him become a better father, the Basic instinct actor said: “You’ve already done enough work that you wanted to enjoy the opportunities and the children more.”