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Camilla Care

These foods are all about false promises

Vaseline 1 month ago

It’s fun to walk down the aisle at the grocery store and pick up “nutritious” foods inspired by their clever packaging and advertising. However, dealing with issues like obesity, hormonal issues and more, which are often a byproduct of using such products, is hardly fun. Many products, including so-called health drinks, baby foods, protein powders and more, are under heavy scrutiny these days, thanks to studies conducted by various groups or researchers. The studies show that sugar, artificial colors and chemical ingredients in these foods can only negatively affect health. What are some of the other foods that are labeled as ‘healthy’ alternatives but put unhealthy ingredients into our diets? You can be sure the list doesn’t end with them.

Grains and flakes
Breakfast cereals are readily available in our stores in various shapes, sizes and flavors. This also applies to corn and wheat flakes, juices and similar drinks. The sad truth is that they have an extremely high sugar content and also contain dyes that are harmful to children. Often the amount of fiber or protein contained in it is also not at a healthy level. If these foods are not consumed in healthy portion sizes, they can make anyone obese and have digestive problems.

Juices and drinks
Doctors always say that it is better to eat fruits as they are, rather than turning them into juices. The reason is that juices strip away the fiber, leaving only the ‘sugary’ extract of the fruit. Therefore, choose fibrous, full fruit instead of the pressed or even sliced ​​format. Bite into their flesh after washing them well for a satisfying meal. The same applies to drinks sold as ‘health drinks’. Authorities have now made it clear that nothing can be sold labeled as a health drink, as such a food category does not exist. Flavored yogurts also hardly contain the nutritional value they claim.

Bars and packaged foods
Protein or granola bars are considered by many people to be convenient meal options or snacks on the go. However, whether they are good for your health depends on several factors, such as the quality of the ingredients, the nutritional value, the portion sizes and how they fit into your diet. Many of them contain a high proportion of added sugars, which can be harmful to health.