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Camilla Care

April 19 was the beginning of the end of ADSL: the closure of Telefónica will be progressive and end in 2026, but don’t trust yourself

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

This week there was a red marked date on the calendar, April 19. On the one hand, Telefónica’s birthday and on the other the official day chosen to end the Copper Age when it comes to bringing the internet home (officially but not unofficially as it actually started in 2021).

The coincidence is not coincidental, as the Spanish telecom company has consciously chosen to coincide with its centenary and Vodafone has jumped on the bandwagon by announcing its own closure before the summer. But as we have been explaining for weeks and until the day before, this does not mean that On April 19, you were without internet at night.

Do not panic. Firstly, because the number of customers who still have ADSL is small (less than half a million lines, according to CNMC data) and secondly, because this is the chosen date to start the blackout, but this will not be immediate. However, fearing that we will be caught by the bully and alarmism, Telefónica has insisted on something familiar: that the closure of ADSL will not be sudden, but progressive.

Schedule for the gradual blackout of Telefónica’s ADSL

Until the above date, the National Commission for Markets and Competition has detailed that there are 407,000 ADSL lines (2.26% of the total), not only from Telefónica, but from most operators in Spain. A year ago, Telefónica stopped making new ADSL registrations and in general Operators have been announcing the end of ADSL in various ways for some time now. to get the message through: letters, phone calls, invoice messages, text messages and even burofax.

If for some reason you are not aware of this process and still have ADSL today (or you recently contacted directly and are waiting for the change), today you certainly still have an Internet connection without any problems, but do not be careless and contact the company that provides you with the service as soon as possible: migrating to another technology is free, you ensure that you are not left without service and there are also alternatives such as fiber optic, mobile radio or satellite.

Because In the coming months, Telefónica will rebuild its networkwhich implies a closure of 8,532 centers, effectively for private customers, although it will continue to offer wholesale services to other operators even until 2025. Vodafone, in turn, will do the same with its 1,108 centers before the summer.

in a post on the Movistar Community forum A customer is in this change process that has been going on for a long time and the response from the global commercial moderator is clear: ‘The closure of the various ADLS centers This will be implemented gradually from tomorrowthe closure of the ADSL service will therefore not be immediate.’ Above, another moderator explains that ‘We inform you that there are currently no plans to discontinue the service. However, customers with services in Cobre will be contacted to offer alternatives to the migration to radio while fiber is rolled out in the area..’

Exit evolution

Source: CNMC

Nevertheless, Broadband reiterates this message and also mentions the plant closures reported to CNMC by provinces and municipalities in October 2023 in a Google Docs spreadsheet, where you can see the gradual and planned closure for the coming months.

This is neither new nor a secret, as the closure of the factories is announced in advance to the CNMC and that is why we know that, although the majority will take place in 2024 and be practically completed in 2025the last highlight will take place with the closure of Larios and Manilva, both in Malaga and not with that of Donostia – San Sebastián – San Marcial (now scheduled for May 29 this year)

So on April 30, 2024 there will be 126 closures, on May 29 there will be 1,106 closures, on September 25 there will be 122 closures and The main closing will take place on October 19 this year, with 3,304 centers. Subsequently, more dates are planned for October 29 and November 27 this year, with 126 and 119 closures. In 2025, there will be 51 closures on April 21, 659 on May 27 and two closures on March 10, 2026.

Cover | Photo from Pixabay