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Camilla Care

Update on the Glen Sannox and the Glen Rosa

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

Ferguson Marine provided an update to the Scottish Government’s NZET Committee on 19 April 2024 on the status of two shipbuilding projects, Glen Sannox and Glen Rosa.

The letter from interim CEO John Petticrew details the recent completions and ongoing challenges in building these vessels.

Petticrew reported that the three planned events for this period, as set out in the company’s risk registers, have been completed. These include the drydock and hull inspection of Glen Sannox by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), additional sea trials for the same vessel and the launch of Glen Rosa.

About Glen Sannox, Petticrew wrote: “We have assessed the expected costs for the delivery of Glen Sannox, which were previously reported at between £145.5m and £149.1m, and we remain confident that we can close within this range.

However, he noted challenges with the LNG system: “The installation and commissioning of the LNG system, a first for British shipbuilding, remains extremely challenging.The complexity and difficulty of the installation, together with a shortage of expert knowledge and qualified resources in Britain, have led to delays.

The new target delivery date for Glen Sannox is now July 31, 2024.

For Glen Rosa, Petticrew reported that the ship was launched on April 9 as planned and named. He claimed, “We have assessed the expected cost of completion, which was previously reported as ‘not to exceed a maximum of £150 million’ for Glen Rosa, and we remain confident that we can achieve this within this budget.Scheduled delivery for Glen Rosa remains scheduled for September 2025.

Petticrew completed the update by inviting stakeholders to visit the site, which I believe shows a commitment to transparency. He also acknowledged the disappointment caused by the delays, particularly in Arran, but highlighted the team’s focused approach to overcoming these challenges.

Why is this published in the UK Defense Journal?

Some may wonder: why does a defense news website inform readers about ferries? The UK Defense Journal aims to provide comprehensive coverage of naval shipbuilding and the wider maritime defense industry. This includes a specific focus on civil shipbuilding activities, a sector that significantly influences and supports the maritime defense landscape. The integration of civilian shipbuilding coverage reflects our understanding of the strategic importance of the sector, with developments and capabilities within civilian yards often directly contributing to the capabilities and flexibility of naval defense projects.

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Furthermore, the health of these shipyards is of national strategic importance, underpinning Britain’s ability to maintain a dual-capacity maritime industry that serves both commercial and defense purposes.