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Camilla Care

The boss uses a cunning trick to weed out ‘idiots’ who apply for jobs – and it always works

Vaseline 1 month ago

When it comes to applying for jobs, most people make sure their resume is up to date and includes an insightful cover letter about their skills and how they can benefit the company. However, to weed out the “idiots” applying to his company and make the selection process a little faster, one boss has come up with a simple plan to narrow down his candidates.

In response to the question “Reddit managers, do you have special tests for interviewees that you put them through without them knowing?”, he said, “I would always ask people to use a certain subject line when submitting their resume send for a job interview. certain job Nothing crazy, just “send an email with ‘programming position’ as the subject to…”

“I’m a little surprised at how few people can actually do this. I noticed it when they did.” In response to his post, one user said: “I do the same thing on Craigslist, I put a code word at the end of the ad to make sure people actually read the specs/requirements. Often… they don’t. “

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Another user added: “I once interviewed for a job with a headhunter who was particularly talented at recruiting. He placed the ad to also call/send voicemail (he later told me he had sent the email/ didn’t check his resume at all unless he got a phone call about it), but he also asked little trick questions like…

“1. I assume you were busy sending out all those resumes this weekend? (The answer ‘yes’ would have suggested that the job in question was just a resume blast) 2. So, what’s bothering you? you just went along and said “yes” to his questions instead of responding politely (“Oh, that’s not the case… nothing really ‘p***es’ me off etc etc.”), it would be unprofessional come across and brash.

“I didn’t end up getting the job after being interviewed by the higher-ups in the company, but it was definitely one of the best interviews I’ve had. He called me after I was rejected to tell me that at least he was under the impression from me was.” A third user said: “My company explicitly says, ‘Don’t wear a suit to your job interview.’ Probably half the candidates wear a suit.