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Tompkins County ends free COVID test distribution

Vaseline 1 month ago

Tompkins County Whole Health announced that its program to distribute free COVID-19 test kits ended April 4, after providing more than 275,000 kits since January 2022. The initiative, which distributed test kits through community libraries, community centers and non- profit organizations, aimed to reduce the consequences of the disease. the spread of the virus in the community. The test kits were provided by the New York State Department of Emergency Management.

Frank Kruppa, Whole Health Commissioner, expressed gratitude to the various community partners for their role in distributing health care resources. The last public COVID testing site in the province had already been shut down almost a year before the end of this program.

Although free distribution has concluded, residents can still obtain COVID-19 self-test kits from local pharmacies, potentially covered by health insurance, and testing remains available at medical facilities throughout the area.