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New spaces for oncology in San Francesco nursing home

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

New oncology department opened in San Francesco nursing home

As a sign of cooperation and generosity, the new oncology department of the San Francesco nursing home has officially opened its doors. The project, aptly named ‘A future of care’, has already become a reality thanks to a partnership with the ‘Papa Giovanni’ hospital and a generous contribution of 100,000 euros from the Sports Academy for Solidarity.

The new Oncology room has 11 stations (9 armchairs and 2 beds) for chemotherapy, aimed at improving patient response and shortening waiting times for treatment. This expansion of services also includes an agreement allowing patients of the “Papa Giovanni” Hospital to receive chemotherapy in San Francesco, which has benefited almost 200 patients in the past year alone.

The inauguration of the new area took place on Saturday afternoon, April 20, during which Monsignor Giulio Dellavite, Bishop’s Delegate for Institutional Relations and Diocesan Events, delivered congratulations. Sister Anna Maria Villa, legal representative of the Capuchin Sisters Institute of Madre Rubatto, expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in making the project a reality, and emphasized the importance of working together to improve the health and lives of those in need .

This collaboration between a private nursing home, a public hospital and generous associations demonstrates the power of team play in delivering high-quality healthcare services to the community. For more information about this inspiring initiative, watch the digital version of L’Eco di Bergamo on April 21.