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Camilla Care

RTE’s Tommy Tiernan viewers were devastated to see the end of the season

Vaseline 1 month ago

It’s the show all Irish viewers love to watch on Saturday nights and when they found out this week was the last in the season of The Tommy Tiernan Show, many devoted fans were devastated.

Series eight featured a host of diverse guests, from comedian Deirdre O’Kane to goalkeeper Shay Give and inspiring Dancing With The Stars judge Arthur Gourounlian.

On Saturday night, Tommy’s final show of the season once again stirred people’s emotions and they took to social media to express their sadness that their Saturday nights would be empty without it.

the final Tommy Tiernan of series 8
Photo: RTÉ/Twitter

In the final part of the series, the comedian turned TV presenter was introduced to comedian Róisín Conaty, musician Mik Pyro and weightlifter Thammy Nguyen.

Mik Pyro, former frontman of the band Republic of Loose, struck a chord with many when he spoke about social anxiety and how it took a toll on his career.

While some said the interview was a ‘hard watch’, another wrote: ‘Another brilliant musician I wasn’t aware of until I saw them on the #tommytiernanshow. Absolutely fantastic. What the show is about. Showcasing brilliant, talented people. The best program on RTE by far.’

One person stated:

While another said:

With laughter and powerful conversations, people took to social media to express their sadness that it would be several months before the show returns next winter.

Another praised Tommy’s interviewing style:

And while previous interviews will appear on the RTÉ Player, it looks like we’ll have to count down the days to next winter when The Tommy Tiernan Show returns.