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She talked about her life under anesthesia: a 106-year-old Italian woman had a pacemaker successfully implanted

Vaseline 1 month ago

A 106-year-old Italian woman had a pacemaker successfully implanted and during the operation under local anesthesia she told doctors and nurses about her life.

The intervention was led by the team of the head of cardiology of the hospital in Siento, Biagio Sassonewho pointed out that the 106-year-old Assistant Borgatti is ‘extremely conscious’ and is in an ‘unaltered mental state’.

“Her lively mind and clarity of thought and memory are truly impressive. During the operation we talked about the beginning of her life in 1918, during the First World War. For me it was like opening a history book, because I am a lover of 20th century Italian history,” said Dr. Sassone.

He added that while he has worked with many older patients before, those 107 years old are rarer, and that Sassone and Borgatti parted ways in the hope of seeing each other in 10 years for a pacemaker replacement.

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