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Gramdma Hasema, who lived on the streets of Bugojno for years, got a house

Vaseline 1 month ago

Hasema Ramić has been living on the streets for years, collecting secondary raw materials to survive and earn food. She has been living hard for years, but she cannot take the smile off her face. Now she has a house, but she has no money to furnish it. She says the most important things she needs are exterior doors and windows. For years she slept under the city steps in the open air.

She got a friend’s house.

“She gave it to me for free. As long as I live. She is from Bugojno,” Hasema said.

They have known each other for years and Hasema helped her work on the market. She says she is happy that she no longer has to live on the street.

She earns a few bucks a day, she says, and now she’s saving money to buy socks for herself because she doesn’t have any. Instead of socks, there are nylon bags on her feet.

Her fellow citizens help her feed herself and occasionally pay her for a meal.

She usually finds things in the trash. She is happiest when she finds plates and goods.

Despite the difficult life, Hasema is smiling and positive and wishes everyone the best.

Photo: Srednja Bosna