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Camilla Care

Shadow ministers are concerned after QLD hospital report

Vaseline 1 month ago

The Australian Medical Association has released the 2024 public hospital report card, with the shadow health minister labeling it as “extremely concerning” during her visit to TSV on Friday.

Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has hit back at the premier after Anthony Albanese took aim at Newman’s time as Queensland premier. “He is humiliating himself by repeating untruths,” Newman told Sky News presenter Steve Price. “By the time I left office, crime was down 15 to 20 percent in most categories. “That was because we had driven the motorcycles out of the state. “We had actually revamped our hospitals, we had the best wait times for surgeries in the country and we eliminated the number of ambulances.”

After Mr Thompson helped secure $13 million in funding for the Acute Admissions Unit, a further 33 beds have been added, easing pressure on the hospital.

“I spoke to one of the clinical nurses today and she was so happy to have this unit up and running so they could get out and treat the patients,” Mr Thompson said.

Federal Member for Herbert Phillip Thompson, Clinical Nurse Advisor Nerida Myers from Townsville University Hospital and Senator Anne Ruston touring the acute admission unit.

Ms Ruston said this expansion was incredible, but after the AMA (Australian Medical Association) 2024 public hospital report showed waiting times were below the national average, there was still so much to be done to improve the healthcare system.

“This morning’s report from the AMA (Australian Medical Association) was extremely concerning and should concern every Australian because despite all the promises from the Federal Government and the promises from the State Government, we have seen nothing but a deterioration in waiting times, ” she said.

“Australians have worse health outcomes simply because the system is not helping them. So it is extremely concerning that we have seen some of the worst statistics in virtually every metric in our healthcare system this year.”

Ms Ruston called on Premier Anthony Albanese and Queensland Premier Steven Miles to outline what is being done to address these challenges.

Liberal Senator Anne Ruston Photo: Dan Peled / NCA NewsWire

“We have called for a national strategic workforce plan to ensure we don’t see situations like we are seeing now… we simply don’t have enough staff.”

“We don’t have enough GPs, we don’t have enough nurses to meet the care demands that our minister for aged care, Anika Wells, has set.”

Health Minister Shannon Fentiman said the national report shows Queensland hospitals are under pressure but are still performing above the national average.

“Not only do we have record numbers of people presenting to our emergency departments, but they are also sicker and presenting with more complex conditions,” she said.

“Despite this, Queensland continues to perform above the national average on most measures in the AMA’s healthcare reports – including boasting the best average wait times and leading the nation in elective surgeries.

“As the AMA notes, the former federal LNP government failed Queensland when it came to healthcare financing.

“It is time for David Crisafulli and Ros Bates to take action and be honest with Queenslanders about how they plan to tackle these very real and complex issues.

“They must act today and commit not to privatize our public health care facilities, such as satellite hospitals, which divert tens of thousands of less urgent patients from emergency rooms in our hospitals.”