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Fake gynecologist causes stir after beating the system at Parirenyatwa Hospital

Vaseline 4 weeks ago

A fake gynecologist has caused a stir after he managed to cheat the system at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

A gynecologist diagnoses and treats problems with female reproductive organs

The rise of fake doctors

Thirty-four-year-old Felix Tagonera, who lives in Hatcliffe Extension, Harare, was down on his luck and was recently arrested. He made his first appearance at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts where he was charged with impersonation. The magistrate awarded him $100, and he will return to court on May 13 for the start of his trial.

Last year, social media struggled with a South African TikTok influencer, Dr. Matthew Lani. Dr. Lani posted videos with medical advice and videos of him pretending to be on an overnight visit to the Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg. He would walk the halls live on TikTok with a stethoscope around his neck. He was later captured and exposed as a fake.

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How a fake gynecologist was busted at Parirenyatwa Hospital

An infamous Zimbabwean took notes and had the audacity to try it at Zimbabwe’s largest referral hospital.

On April 15, Felix Tagonera grabbed a stethoscope, placed it over his neck and started pacing up and down at Parirenyatwa Hospital. He wore a sleek black slim-fit suit, an orange shirt and a tie to look good.

However, his walks were too aimless and artless that he scared the actual hospital staff.

The prosecutor told the Magistrates’ Court that Julia Shambare, who was on duty at Parirenyatwa Hospital, had noticed Felix and his funny movements. She then suspected him of being a fake doctor and alerted her colleague, Alexander Munera, who caught him.

Hospital security dragged Felix to the ZRP Parirenyatwa Post, where police officers combed him and found a stethoscope, four business cards with two inscriptions Andy Mapulanga of Andy Deon Medical Center and Msasa Park Family Healthy Services, which stated he was a gynaecologist. The police also recovered a photocopy of a certificate from one Charity Mungoda.

Fake Gynecologist Parirenyatwa Hospital
Fake gynecologist causes stir after beating the system at Parirenyatwa Hospital (Image: Nick Museyamwa/Facebook)

Chaos online about the fake gynecologist

Social media users are shouting about the fake gynecologist who gained entry into Parirenyatwa Hospital.


“Honawo nhaiweee apa ndaitoenda kuka clinic kaye.”


😂 Dress up iyo haisi yaChiremba.”


“And he chose to become a gynaecologist.


“Kkkk Jiggaz akaimba kuti “hakuna Mari Kani kunze uko, kuhasela hasela kunze uko.”

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