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Job in student life: opportunity or pressure?

Vaseline 1 month ago

Tahmid Sakib is a second-year student of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Dhaka. In addition to his studies, he already works as a campus reporter for a renowned newspaper. But how does he combine academia with professional life so effectively? It’s all about time management,” says Tahmid. “We all have 24 hours in a day. Classes and studying may take up some time, but there is enough left for other activities.’ He believes that student life should not just revolve around textbooks and exams. There is room for extracurricular activities, hobbies and even professional pursuits. Tahmid’s thoughts reflect a growing trend of students seeking professional experience while still enrolled. This trend has many advantages, but also has some negatives.

Financial independence

One of the main reasons behind doing a job is to gain independence. Life in our country changes once a student graduates high school. Students from all over the country come to Dhaka to pursue higher education. A very different lifestyle gives these students a valuable life lesson: becoming financially independent.

Ali Younis is one of those students who came from a distant part of the country to study in Dhaka.

“For me, Dhaka was a dream city. With all my parents’ savings, I came here to study and earn a good income when I graduated. But the cost of living was a shock to me. From renting a house to transportation , all you need is money. The amount of money spent here in a month is gone in three days, and I’m not exaggerating. I don’t want to charge more than the allotted amount of money for that extra money.” said Ali Younis, who studied management at the national university. By earning an income, students can become less dependent on loans or financial support from their families. What exactly happened to Ali Younis?

However, this enforcement can harm students’ studies. Employers sometimes take advantage of students’ financial needs.

“He lost his father at a very young age. He was a brilliant student and a favorite of his teachers. But the need for a job outside academia and the glory of self-dependence took away his genius,” speaking about her son (Hamim) . Omer) mother expresses her feelings. Hamim Omer is in his final year of BBA in a national university and works in a media house, as his mother said. “Media houses offer a terrible salary even to first-year students. In Dhaka, it doesn’t matter where you live; with only twelve to fifteen thousand takas a month you cannot support yourself. Yes, I am self-sufficient, but at what price? says Hamim Omer .

Practical learning

The gradual digitalization of the labor market has pushed students to learn more than what their textbooks offer. A student from the Computer Science department has a lot to learn by doing freelance work. Computer science is just one example. Companies hire part-timers in every field, allowing students to grasp theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios, strengthen their understanding and develop the practical skills employers seek.

Building a network

Whether they freelance or work part-time, once students enter the field, they get to know a lot of people, which gives them a good relationship with their alumni. Sanzida Fariha is studying BBA at North South University. She has an interest in event management and photography, so she started looking for freelance work in the fourth semester of her academic career. These freelancers have opened a door for her to flourish more. “I am timid by nature, but at the same time I wanted to work and build my career. My freelance work became a conversation tool where I could meet my seniors and alumni and showcase my work. It helped me build a solid network.”

Well-rounded development

The holistic change of students during their academic studies prepares them for future obstacles. However, achieving great academic results is a bonus and also essential. Managing work, study and personal life, self-time, looking after mental and physical health and time management are just as important as building an independent, well-secured career. In today’s world, time management is a skill. Industry leaders recommend having a decent, well-maintained routine regarding time management.

Studying efficiently is a must. How can you achieve that?

Suday Saha, who has an established business, graduated from East-West University in 2020. He was running his business and on a scholarship at the same time.

He believes that ‘Time management’ was crucial to his success.

“I have been studying non-stop for 30 minutes to an hour, which I have found to be an efficient way to complete classes and gain time to focus more on my business. I have received a Dean’s Award and now run two companies,” says Sunday Saha.

Munzereen Shahid, the teacher of 10 Minute School, says in her videos on social media that CGPA is essential. If not, then a student is a top candidate, but she must maintain a decent result in order to be able to apply for a job or study abroad, she believes.

Tahsan Khan pursued his passion for music while maintaining his academic achievements. The Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, also had a stellar academic record while excelling in sports. Doing a job can make students self-dependent and help them thrive, which is right; however, people should also recognize the other side effects.

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