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In a rare incident, Woman gives birth to sextuplets

Vaseline 1 month ago

Rawalpindi: In a rare incident, a woman gave birth to sextuplets. Zeenat Waheed, a 27-year-old Pakistani woman, gave birth to six babies – four boys and two girls – at a hospital in Rawalpindi.

According to reports, Zeenat Waheed was admitted to hospital on Thursday evening due to labor pain. After extensive surgery, the woman gave birth to sextuplets.

Hospital authorities said the mother and her six children were healthy and had no complications. The babies are in good health and all weigh less than two pounds each.

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The hospital management expressed its joy over the arrival of the sextuplet child and ensured that the family received all medical support and facilities during their stay. The babies will continue to receive medical care in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit until they are cleared to go home.

Live births of such a large number of babies are rare and the birth of sextuplets is estimated to occur in only one in 4.5 million pregnancies. A multiple pregnancy, in which a woman is pregnant with two or more fetuses at the same time, occurs when a fertilized egg splits before implanting in the uterus (as is the case with identical twins) or when individual eggs are fertilized by different people. sperm (which creates fraternal twins).

Pregnancies involving three or more fetuses are extremely rare. They are also associated with a higher risk of complications than singleton pregnancies. However, multiple births have become increasingly common in recent years as more and more people use fertility drugs and procedures, such as IVF, to conceive a baby. Fertility medications increase the chance of a multiple pregnancy because these medications stimulate the ovaries to produce many eggs.

The first surviving sextuplets were born in South Africa in 1974.