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Camilla Care

Fire-hit cricket club determined to keep Mitcham’s traditions alive: Inside Croydon

Vaseline 1 month ago

After the fire: the pavilion in Mitcham, next to the smoldering remains of the Burn Bullock pub yesterday

Clubs and residents’ groups in Mitcham are busy clearing the debris after the fire on Friday evening which caused terrible damage to the Grade II listed Burn Bullock pub.

As well as its association with a former Surrey cricketer, the Burn Bullock is also closely associated with the largely wooden pavilion used by Mitcham Cricket Club for their matches on the historic Cricket Green.

As firefighters remained at the scene yesterday to dampen the embers of the blaze, cricket club officials were busy rearranging their match schedule.

An early season cricket match scheduled for today has been cancelled, but in a statement from the cricket club they said they “expect to continue with junior, adult and women’s cricket as normal for the 2024 season”.

Club officials are holding an emergency meeting today.

“We are shocked by the tragic destruction of the Burn Bullock pub,” the club director said, “although we are extremely relieved that no one was injured.

“Fortunately, our historic cricket pavilion was not damaged. However, it appears that the upstairs hall at the Burn Bullock, where the Cricket Scorers and Umpires’ Association was founded, has now been lost.”

The cricket club carries on stoically – very much in the spirit of play, play and play the game.

They are opening the pavilion today from 12pm to 2pm “for anyone in the community who wants to come in for a cup of tea and a chat”.

Mitcham Cricket Club, also known as the MCC, said in its statement: “The owner of the Burn Bullock is also our owner. We await their response to this.

“We will also continue to work with the council to ensure that the approximately 350 years of cricket played on the Green can continue well into the future.”

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