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How many seats will the BJP win? Top economist Surjit Bhalla makes his prediction for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections

Vaseline 1 month ago

During an interview with NDTV, Bhalla indicated that based on statistical analysis, the BJP could potentially secure between 330 and 350 seats in the ongoing general elections. He emphasized that this projection was only about the BJP and not its coalition partners. Bhalla expected a five to seven percent increase in seats for the BJP compared to the 2019 elections.

On the opposition’s performance, Bhalla predicted that the Congress could secure around 44 seats, a decline of two percent from the 2014 election figure. He attributed the challenges faced by the opposition alliance to issues related to leadership and the prevailing economic conditions, both of which he said favored the BJP.

Bhalla also speculated on the BJP’s potential success in southern states such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala, suggesting that the party could secure several seats in these traditionally weak areas.

Separately, in an interview with the Asianet News Network, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence in the BJP’s prospects in the south, anticipating an increase in both vote share and seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections compared to previous polls. He cited examples like Telangana, where the BJP’s vote share had doubled, as indicators of the party’s growing influence in the region.

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