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Camilla Care

Boxing club needs donations for tournament

Vaseline 1 month ago

The Randgate Boxing Club (RABC) is in dire need of donations to allow their boxers to compete in an upcoming tournament.

Deputy captain of the girl’s boxing team, Minke Fourie, stated that the club allows children and adults to join free of charge. According to her, the club helps children who struggle with aggressive habits and teaches them self-defense techniques. She added the club also teaches children development skills as well as perseverance and discipline.

“The members enjoy being here since the club is a place where they can fit in and be among people who they trust. They are all very excited for the upcoming tournament, however, we do not have the necessary equipment to host the tournament yet,” Fourie claimed.

Coach Leon Gonsalves emphasized that a lot of equipment such as the sound system, scale and stopwatch were stolen a while ago. He stated that the club needs this equipment to help the boxers develop to their full potential.

The tournament will take place on May 4 at the Randgate Boxing Club and will be hosted by the West Rand District Boxing Organisation. The matches will start at noon.

If any donations can be made, contact Linda van Rooyen on 078 303 6969.