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Camilla Care

April offers the best weather to plant your vegetable garden and flowers

Vaseline 1 month ago

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to start planting at this time of year. Even if we don’t see frost again until the fall, cold and damp weather is not good for your plants in warm weather. Putting tomatoes, peppers, basil or anything else in that group of vegetables is asking for trouble and disease, so hold on.

Cool weather crops, such as broccoli, can be planted now.Dave Epstein

You can still plant peas in the ground, but time is running out, so get them in on the weekend if possible. All your leafy greens can also be planted directly in the ground. Other vegetables I like to grow now? Radishes, turnips, beets and carrots. These will all do quite well if they start in the ground now and can be harvested in a few months.

Many garden centers also have flats of cold weather vegetables for sale.

Leafy greens can be planted directly into the ground this time of year.Dave Epstein

I’m trying to expand what I grow from year to year and there are many new varieties of radishes that I’m particularly excited about. Some of the white and purple ones are beautiful in salads. These vegetables are very easy to grow and great for kids because they can be harvested in less than a month.

If you don’t have a garden, you can still grow some smaller vegetables in containers. Arugula, for example, does reasonably well in partial sun in a 30 cm pot. Make sure the containers do not dry out.

Some good vegetables to plant now are beets.Dave Epstein

If you want to move or divide perennials, you can move most plants quite easily over the next few weeks. Some exceptions are anything that is in bloom and doesn’t appreciate being uprooted. In general, I don’t like to exercise much after Mother’s Day.

Rhododendrons that may be getting a little out of hand should be pruned back now before they bloom. In this way, the plant’s energy is spent on creating new leaf growth. If you wait until after flowering, I find that the new growth is not as robust.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sun is very strong at this time of year. We’re talking August-like sunshine with no leaves on the trees. This can cause plants to burn quite easily. If you have houseplants that you want to put outside, I recommend placing them in the shade for a week and then slowly moving them into full sun.

Even plants that like full sun can burn at this time of year. Several years ago I moved my citrus plants outside without covering them, and the leaves all burned. This won’t kill your plant, but it can make it unsightly for a few months.

April is also a great time of year to repot your houseplants into larger pots or fresh soil as they need it. Things will really take off in the coming weeks and that growth spurt can be used to get the plants used to their new home.

Getting involved in growing anything can be very spiritual and it is for that reason that gardening is so special to me. Have fun planting!

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