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Vosmer Otomativ T200 Masters Tennis Tournament Champions Announced

Vaseline 1 month ago

The champions of the “Vosmer Otomativ T200 Masters Tennis Tournament”, of which Vosmer Otomativ is the main sponsor, have been announced.

The prizes of the Vosmer Otomativ T200 Masters Tennis Tournament, held at the Kültürpark Tennis Sports Club, have found their owner.

Vosmer Automotive Chairman of the Board of Directors Rikardo Aliberti, Board members Enriko Aliberti, Süleyman Eryüksel, Vosmer Automotive General Manager Siyon Karmona, Kültürpark Tennis Sports Club President Murat Şener and board members, Vice Chairman of the Turkish Tennis Federation Bülent Necimoğlu and club members attended the award ceremony . and athletes participated.

Rikardo Aliberti, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vosmer Automotive, stated that they are very happy to be the main sponsor of the tournament organized with record participation at Izmir Kültürpark Tennis Sports Club, one of the most important tennis clubs in Turkey, saying: “Vosmer was born in Izmir and has made all his investments in Izmir. “As a company that does business, it has always supported cultural, artistic and sporting activities in our beautiful city and will continue to do so in the coming periods,” he said.

Kültürpark Tennis Sports Club chairman Murat Şener also made the following evaluation about the tournament:

“There was a record participation in the tournament for Izmir and a total of 325 athletes participated in singles and 95 doubles. Vosmer Otomotiv, main sponsor of the T200 Masters tournament, an extremely important organization in the tennis world, has a very important place for Kültürpark Tennis Sports Club, both in terms of business professionals and partners. We hope that this is a start and that our cooperation will further increase in the coming years.”